Final Update

Hear we go again. It's time to shake off the old ways and bring about some fresh new attitudes.

This year we will be exploring the possibilities of a close challenge for the Green Jacket. We will be laying it all on the line to compete for the coveted title of "DSO Champion". Last year winner was Ryan Voller and he is in it to win it again. Like thats gonna happen. Not with the likes of Dan C and Gary D playing their finest in years. Then we have the new guys like Alex L and of course our lovable Roger closing in to snatch that Jacket away.

So here are the need to know facts:

Place, time, date, and cost:

Where : Johnsons Golf Course

Date: July 21st 2018

Time: Checkin 10:37 AM tee off 12:04 AM

Contact info: Billy D Or Gary D

DSO Masters Green Jacket Party afterwards:

2819 Gillen Street, Racine WI 53403, at Teddys.

Donation of 25.00 to cover food and beverages, Pay Bill D.

(food will be "catered" this year by Famous Daves)

Cost: $57.00 - covers 18 holes and Cart, $10.00 for prizes - Pay Gary D. when you pay for the golf.

Mark your calendars now for another round of unforgetable championship events. It will be even bigger than the US OPEN at Erin Hills.



Well it is all over and here are the results:

Winner of the DSO Masters Green Jacket:

"Ryan Volmer" again

It was a hard fought day with an hour delay due to rain, but we got through it. There was a three way tie at the end with Jonny D. and Ted I. in first place with Ryan V. We all came in with 70 with our handicaps. So in our playoff Ryan was victorious. Atta boy Ryan.

Other mentionables;

Gary D (71) and Jon H. (71) came in at 4th and 5th place. And in 6th place was Bill.D (73).

In the Field were:

Chappie 75

Roger 76

Dan C. 78

Dale H. 78

Marty 78

Jim M 78

Jerry J. 80

Bill R. 81

Eric N. 81

Morgan 83

Tracy 86

Joe H. 86

Andy S. 86

Mike C. 91

We all enjoyed the day and the Party afterwards, except the food was late. Now all we can do is improve for the HDOG Tournament in September. Thanks to everyone who made this event spectacular!



















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